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CSX Road Bundle - Phase I

This page explains everything you need to know about this bundle. This is by far our most ambitious project yet. File size (compressed) is 250MB. 5 locomotives and 6 freight cars are included. TruWeather hoppers will be included in Phase II of this bundle. Repaints are strictly prohibited. No exceptions.

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GE AC4400CW:

-YN2, YN3, and YN3b schemes

-Fading flashing ditchlights

-Fresh AO all around the model

-New cabinets

-New AC box on conductor's side

-CSX-specific details and markings where applicable

-1, 2, and 3 digit numbers


-Slightly altered audio with K5LA

Please note that this is not a full representation of this locomotive, but rather a stand-in. For the ultimate experience of the real locomotive, visit Searchlight Simulations to purchase the Canadian Pacific AC4400CW or the Steam Store for the Steam Edition.

Roughly 45% of the Dash 9 has been remodeled to make the AC44 look like the real one. Inaccuracies such as the number boards and Dynamic Brake grids can't be altered.


EMD GP40-2:

-YN2 and YN3 schemes

-Fading flashing ditchlights (default model versions)

-Fresh AO all around the model

-New numbers

-New K5LA horn

-CSX-specific details and markings where applicable

-Slight weathering

Due to conflicting installs, the GP40-2 is not included with the package. We will be posting updates on our Facebook Page while we investigate the issue. UPDATE: 4/7/2021, we believe we have sourced the issue and further investigation will be done to verify the root of this issue.

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Road Slug:

-YN2 and YN3 schemes

-Fading flashing ditchlights

-Fresh AO all around the model

-New numbers

-New K5LA horn mesh

-Non-powered unit (altered physics)

-Slight weathering

-Child objects to cover up the radiator intakes and fans

Screenshot_TestTraK NA_51.11648-6.22400_

Rolling Stock:

-Coke Express Hoppers - new load and child object to extend the top

-100Tn Coal Hoppers - NYC and CSXT variants included

-Auto Parts Boxcar - 2K decals and 4K textures with waving

-ACF 60ft Boxcar - New numbers, new trucks, and CSX paint

-Coil Car - 4K textures, new trucks, and new numbers