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GE P42DC Enhancement Pack V1.0.0.4

Base Package

An enhancement of General Electric's P42DC locomotive ordered by Amtrak and VIA Rail. Depicted is the "Phase V" Amtrak scheme.


-Working Integrated Function Displays
-Forward and reverse fading headlights
-Rescripted horn sequencer
-New alerter functionality
-Headlight casting
-Forward and reverse marker lights
-Radio functionality
-Number font
-Redone 4K textures with proper branding
-Horn quill functionality
-New Horn, bell, and engine sounds
-Plow model
-Horn model
-Cab light colors
-Ground lights
-RPM values
-Fading flashing ditchlights
-Type-F coupler
-Adjusted cab camera
-Self Load
-Dynamic exhaust

-New Bepis Can


Requirements To Run:

Amtrak P42 DC 'Empire Builder' Loco Add-On